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Each issue, The Dark features a new cover by a new artist.  Below are the unadorned covers and artist biographies.


May 2015

Angus Yi, under the Chinese name Yi Chenglong, is a freelance digital artist specializing in game-role designs, game-concept setting and card-game designs. For more information, you may visit his websites and blogs, at,, and

February 2015

Lane Brown is a fantasy artist and illustrator living in South Carolina. He loves to paint characters and creatures, with an emphasis on story and emotion. As a freelance artist he creates book covers, card art, and concept design for games. You can find more of Lane’s work on his website at

November 2014

Benita Winckler is a freelance illustrator and concept artist based in Berlin, Germany who works on character designs, illustrations, magazine and book covers.

August 2014

Timothy Lantz is a full-time illustrator and graphic artist with degrees in art education and communications. Lantz’s work, often described as “beautiful melancholy,” has been inspired by a lifetime of reading. From the best of fantasy fiction and sci-fi to 1930s crime fiction and comic books, Lantz’s bold and edgy artistry is all about “story.” His themes of mystery, romanticism, tragedy and aspiration convey this, as though his life’s quest is to create illustrations for relevant yet aching stories that have not yet been written. Underpinning Lantz’s powerful aesthetic is long experience. His exacting technical abilities, which go far beyond the traditional skill set, combine with core strengths in color and composition to create art that reflects—and refracts—the essence of beauty. During his career, Lantz’s work has included such far-flung projects as weather maps, television commercials, book covers and tarot cards. He is the author and artist of The Archeon Tarot, available from U.S. Games Systems Inc., and has worked for a variety of publishers including: DC Comics, ACE/Penguin Books, Bantam, Juno Books, EDGE Books, AEG, Wildside Press and more.

May 2014

Susan Justice (aka McKivergan) is a self taught digital artist and mother of three beautiful children. She is a stay-at-home mom and tries to work while the kids are in school or in between naps, pretty much whenever they allow her to. She is married to her best friend Andrew. In her spare time (which isn’t much!) she enjoys playing several Blizzard games, WoW, Starcraft, and Diablo 3.