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Nobody Lives Here

There is no one here, no one but me. Out of ninety apartments—ten in each of the nine floors—only mine has someone inside, but most have already been sold. It’s an investment, the estate agent told me when I was signing the contract. An investment for life. Yet I had no interest in becoming a […]

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Our Lady of Wicker Bridge

There were stories about Wicker Bridge Estate, always had been even before there was an estate. So many stories and for so long that it was hard to tell if what you were being told was new or old. Something that smacked of urban legend might well have its roots in ancient tales of demons […]


The River of Night

The river of night settles in my thighs waiting for your tongue. It knows your patterns, your timings, knows the hour is always seeking you. You cum at the witching hour—always, a booty call is my body to collect the spam of your illicit desire to be with someone. Your satisfaction is always the end […]


The Black Paintings

1 On the final day of his life, Lucien Halcomb’s cancer began to speak to him. “Lucien,” it said, with a voice like clotted blood and fevered nights, “I should like to leave you after all of this is over.” A month ago Halcomb had declined the various offers of palliative care available to him. […]