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Each issue, The Dark features a new cover by a new artist.  Below are the unadorned covers and artist biographies.


May 2014

Susan Justice (aka McKivergan) is a self taught digital artist and mother of three beautiful children. She is a stay-at-home mom and tries to work while the kids are in school or in between naps, pretty much whenever they allow her to. She is married to her best friend Andrew. In her spare time (which isn’t much!) she enjoys playing several Blizzard games, WoW, Starcraft, and Diablo 3.

February 2014

Tullius Heuer is a Brazilian artist who digitally manipulates various images from different sources in a single aesthetic environment in order to express his ideas.

December 2013

Beth Spencer discovered Photoshop in late 2006. Since then she’s been creating art she’s dubbed “extreme manipulation,” wherein she uses a combination of photomanipulation and digital painting to get the final product. She is a self-taught artist and has been been honored with five Daily Deviations from Deviant Art and several of her works have been published by the Adobe-related magazine, Layers.

October 2013

Dariusz Zawadzki was born in Szczecin in the NW part of Poland. Since his early childhood he was regarded for having unusual sensitivity to the surrounding world. His artworks are widely admired for being able to deeply move the spectators, with both the feelings and emotions as well as high attention to artwork details.