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Each issue, The Dark features a new cover by a new artist.  Below are the unadorned covers and artist biographies.


December 2021

Owen William Weber is a professional illustrator, working in both oil on masonite and pen and ink on paper. His work has been included in such annuals as Spectrum, The Society of Illustrators, Illustration West, Infected By Art, and the Art Renewal Center’s International ARC Salon Competition Catalogue. His clients include Fantasy Flight Games, Upper Deck, fantasy author Levi Stack, Michael Publishing, Eloquent Books, and Sw!pe Magazine. You can find more of Owen’s work on his website: and on his Etsy page, RagnarokShop.

November 2021

Stefan Koidl is a self-taught illustrator living in Salzburg, Austria. He loves to draw images that tell a story and to trigger a certain feeling in the observer, to make them think. He likes to paint creepy and dark stuff, as it’s thrilling to “play” with the viewer’s fears.

October 2021

Sam Heimer is a Philadelphia area illustrator and designer and hates speaking in the third person. He works in a variety of markets, as well as helps coordinate art exhibitions for Phantom Hand, a local art group. He patiently awaits the day you contact him with work. For the most up to date news, available prints, and to keep tabs on current projects, follow Sam on instagram at @Sam_Heimer.

September 2021

George Cotronis is a Greek illustrator and designer, currently residing in Athens. He makes a living designing book covers and is known for his dark, atmospheric genre illustrations. For more information, follow George on instagram at @ravenkult or his website,

August 2021

Zhirui Wang (Insist) lives in Fuzhou, China, and his work can be found at