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Each issue, The Dark features a new cover by a new artist.  Below are the unadorned covers and artist biographies.


August 2022

Fonklor-32 is a visual designer and artist who strongly believes art has the power to turn our darkest parts into something truly beautiful. His work can be found at the following websites,,, or

July 2022

Francesco Crisci is a freelance artist living in Bologna, Italy, where he works as an illustrator, concept artist, and animator for TV and games. Lately he’s been working on a graphic novel based on a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, soon to come out. (Wish him luck!) Samples of his work can be found on Instagram at

June 2022

Alessandro Amoruso was born in southern Italy, with a degree in graphic design and in painting. He works as an illustrator for many local publishers for books, tabletop games, and comics. He’s also a 2d digital artist and animator at an independent game studio, with one video-game published and another one in active development.

May 2022

Tithi Luadthong is a prolific contributor to stock art websites including Fotolia, Getty Images, iStockphoto, and many more.

April 2022

Jonathan Wesslund is a thirty-year-old coffee-fueled concept artist living in Stockholm, Sweden. He is usually surrounded by a bunch of pets and loves drawing scary things and dogs, some of which can be found at