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May 2023

Each month The Dark brings you the best in dark fantasy and horror! Selected by Clara Madrigano and Sean Wallace and published by Prime Books, this issue includes two all-new stories and two reprints:

“A Toitele” by Celia Rostow
“Jenny Greenteeth” by Alison Littlewood (reprint)
“The Inside is Always Entrails” by Fernanda Castro (translated by H. Pueyo)
“The Words Beneath” by Michael Harris Cohen (reprint)

In This Issue

A Toitele

All that remained of Chana came back from Kraków in a little wooden box: a golden chain with a pendant, a palm facing out with a carved unblinking eye to protect from evil. Chana’s death lived on the mantle in the main room of the house, where it would gather dust if Rochel didn’t clean […]


Jenny Greenteeth

The bombs had stopped falling. That was the first thing that struck Alice when the train pulled away, its smoke and roar fading into the distance, and she looked out across nothing but green for miles around. The silence crept into her, like long fingers snaking down her throat, and she felt she no longer […]


The Inside is Always Entrails

Aries: There is always an end to a ball of yarn, no matter how infinite the thread might seem. Don’t worry if the bindoffs look ugly. In sewing, the inside is always entrails. The daily horoscope has amber-colored stains where the newspaper met the humidity of dead skin. You stare at the blurry letters, thinking […]


The Words Beneath

“This is it,” Lily said. It was just a smear of green on a lonely hill, an old cemetery in the middle of nowhere Bulgaria. Gravestones leaned like bad teeth, the names and dates long eroded. It was our ninth graveyard in three months and I knew it wouldn’t be the last. Because the last […]