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May 2018

Each month The Dark brings you the best in dark fantasy and horror! Edited by award winning editors Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Sean Wallace and brought to you by Prime Books, this issue includes two all-new stories and two reprints:

“The Pine Arch Collection” by Michael Wehunt
“The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners” by Angela Slatter (reprint)
“Our Mortal Undressing” by Hamilton Perez
“The Sea Half-Held by Night” by E. Catherine Tobler (reprint)

In This Issue

The Pine Arch Collection

From: x_ <pinedemon@x.x> To: Aly Duarte <> December 18 2017 3:36 am Subject: The Pine Arch Collection —Play the attached video and you can see, almost from the start, that something isn’t right. But you don’t know what. A sort of—familiarity. The trees are gasping in the fog. All you can make out for two […]


The Sea Half-Held By Night

Esteuan sees the bent figure at dusk and thinks nothing of it. His day has been long, beginning before the sun brightened the sky, ending as the sun takes a last gasp and puts herself away for the night. Exhaustion bends his own broad shoulders against this darkening sky and he presumes it is another […]


Our Mortal Undressing

I. Discovery I suppose I’m chasing the wildflowers. I first found them while digging for worms. It’s not very often an earthworm dies of old age, but this one called to me, bloated and weary, with its body caked in pollen and a belly full of decay. The soil was soft and moist to my […]


The Heart is a Mirror for Sinners

The crypt of St Bride’s is cold, colder than the air outside, and I welcome it, find it invigorating, for I did not sleep well, nor have I done since my return. Florie, long gone, chose last night to haunt my dreams. Her face and figure—not as I saw them that final occasion—were perfect and […]