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June 2016

Each month The Dark brings you the best in dark fantasy and horror! Edited by award winning editor Sean Wallace and brought to you by Prime Books, this issue includes two all-new stories and two reprints:

“The Hibernating Queen” by Leena Likitalo (original)
“Free Jim’s Mine” by Tananarive Due (reprint)
“The Bat House” by M. Bennardo (original)
“The Slipway Grey” by Helen Marshall (reprint)

In This Issue

The Hibernating Queen

The first summer I grew fur and gained fat around my slender limbs I was happy. I could hardly wait for the peacocks to arrive, and so I spent the days craning through my tower chamber’s window. When I finally saw my best friends soaring across the blue sky, I instantly rushed to greet them. […]


Free Jim’s Mine

May 1838 Dahlonega, Georgia “He out yet?” Lottie’s husband William breathed behind her, invisible in the dark. Lottie’s heart sped, a thumping beneath her breastbone that stirred the child in her belly. “Don’t know,” Lottie said. “Hush.” She stared from her hiding place behind the arrowwood shrubs, heavy belly low to the soil. They had […]


The Bat House

“There,” said Bedelia, stepping down off the ladder and dropping the hammer and extra nails back into the toolbox. “I’ve always wanted some bats in the yard.” Patience frowned up at the side of the house. Mid-way up the second story, a tall, narrow box now hung in the full afternoon sun. “You’ve never said […]


The Slipway Grey

Sit by me, my bokkie, my darling girl. Closer, yes, there. I am an old man now, and this is a thing that happened to me when I was very young. This is not like the story of your uncle Mika, and how he tricked me in the Breede River and I almost drowned. It […]