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The Final Girl’s Daughter

The truck was fucked, but Richard worked on it anyway. Sleeves rolled, oil up to his elbows, he cranked a wrench in the rusted engine block and swore at the part’s stubbornness to come out. The open hood shielded him from the sun’s glare, but it baked him from the waist up, and that didn’t […]


Mother’s Teeth

The shadow that wears his mother’s teeth appears at the window again. Noah, the shadow whispers from between lipless jaws, or maybe it is only the winter wind murmuring against the glass. Noah burrows deeper under his covers, hugging his teddy bear for protection and warmth. The chill has peeled back his skin and crept […]


The Memory Eater

Every day he digs the same grave, and every day he leaves it untouched, a grave as deep as himself. And he digs. He digs. He digs. He will keep digging until his work is done, and it might take years—too many years. The dead call him memory-eater, thief of warmth, consumer of the past, […]


Silk-Wrapped Love Story

They fought so fiercely that final time that Orghethah almost severed three of his legs, and Unnefthal retaliated by beating her stomach so hard the carapace fractured. When it was over she crouched in the middle of her home and glared up at him, the pain in her body an elixir of rage. Wincing, she […]


The Names of the Drowned are These

Every so often, there’s a chance for reversal. For a thread pulled to drag things backwards. For the drowned places to rise. For the dead to walk again. To breathe air rather than water. Sometimes, there’s a chance. Adie Kane came home last week—just as she has done once a year for a decade of […]


Of Gentle Wolves

“All wolves are not of the same sort.” —Charles Perrault Friends, beware gentle wolves. Never stray from the path. If you’d listened to your mother, little girl, you wouldn’t have been eaten. I wouldn’t be hunting him now in the forest. Josef, stay, my father said, old and fearful by the fire. Let the woods […]


We All Fall Down

When you told your husband you loved the rain, a secret you whispered at the end of your wedding vows, rather than leaning in to kiss you, he looked as though he wanted to strike you. It was he who taught you to fear storms and it was he who brought you to the town […]


Love Sharp Enough to Rend

She was drowning, gasping brine down her raw and waterlogged throat, so I took her. And why not? This is all you know me for. I take children. I bring them to my cave beneath the sea, I tuck them inside, and I eat them. You know why I do it. My own children stolen. […]

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Lap Record

Mad Derek said he was going to do a lap. The others who worked the yard—Weaselboy, Slow Pete, Sid, The Other Paul—burst out laughing. “Gawn with you,” they said. “Been at the antifreeze again?” “Gonna do it,” he said. Back in the 90s, he said, back in the 90s, around the cruises down Lakeside way, […]


Sweat, Rice

On Monday, there are leftovers from Sunday dinner. Baked chicken, red beans, macaroni pie, fresh vegetable salad, potato salad, and of course, Spanish rice. But he could get that at any of the other houses, so she saves that for herself and makes baked fish with cassava, yam, green bananas, and eddoes. Solid blue food […]