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Ana María Shua (translated by Andrea G. Labinger)

Ana María Shua is the author of novels, short stories, and microfiction. She has received many awards, both national and international, among them a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her books have been translated into fourteen languages. In the United States, her novels Death As a Side Effect and The Weight of Temptation were translated by Andrea Labinger and published by the University of Nebraska Press.

Andrea G. Labinger has published numerous translations of Latin American fiction. Gesell Dome, her translation of Guillermo Saccomanno’s noir novel Cámara Gesell (Open Letter, 2016), won a PEN/Heim Translation Award and was long-listed for the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses’ Firecracker Award. Her most recent translation is Saccomanno’s 77 (Open Letter, 2019).