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November 2014

The Dark is a quarterly magazine co-edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace, with the sixth issue featuring all-original short fiction by Sara Saab, Eric Schaller, Patricia Russo, and Naim Kabir.

In This Issue

Calamity, the Silent Trick

They come for me when one of mine is to be dealt the cups. Where do they find me? I am in the gap between cresting waves. I am in the curl of a leaf. I drift where hearing muffles to a whine, soaked in darkness, riding the clogged shadows behind the beam of a […]


The Three Familiars

I. The Tale of Legs Love has many forms. Some forms inspire love, others hate. The witch was the first and only child of a well-to-do family of Boston Brahmins. The doctors told her mother that she would never bear children, and suggested her father content himself with political fundraisers and season tickets to the […]


Mourning Flags and Wildflowers

While the men were stitching the mourning-flags, the leading women of the village gathered on the hillside, the same hillside where Arrani had always sworn that in summer nip-berries could be found growing in the shade of the sliver-barked whistling trees. None of the other women had ever discovered any nip-berries there, but each summer […]


Home at Gloom’s End

The vendors on Angler Row sell the best fish this side of the Evergloom. The other squids might tell you to go over to Benthos Plaza, but there’s two things wrong with that: one, that place only sells meat that’s been dead for a month, and two, it’s on the opposite side of the Grand […]