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February 2015

The Dark is a quarterly magazine co-edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace, with the seventh issue featuring all-original short fiction by Angela Slatter, Sandra McDonald, Patricia Russo, and Brooke Wonders.

In This Issue


Torben knows he has only one shot. The crossbow shakes in his grip. There is a single bolt and even if there were more he has not the strength to reload for the weapon belongs to Uther, the woodsman, who has left the boy to wait in the small, smelly blind set between the trunks […]


In the Dreams Full of Sleep, Beakless Birds Can Fly

It was when the child was dying that the woman who spoke to spirits came. It is always when children are dying that women who speak to spirits come. They don’t knock. They scratch at the door with their ragged nails, or whistle a three-note tune outside the window. Any other children are immediately sent […]


Welcome to Argentia

On land that was once peat and marsh, the Americans leave behind three asphalt highways into the sky. They leave behind snazzy call signs, late-night radio banter, and flight paths to Europe over the icy North Atlantic. They leave behind their wharfs and dry docks, hangars and fuel tanks. They leave behind the gymnasium, mess […]


A Spoke in Fortune’s Wheel

Opinions varied as to whether the village of Kille had been blessed by gods or cursed by demons. Every child born in the year of our prince’s ascension to the throne came into the world possessed of a supernatural and supremely useful limb. The blacksmith’s son had a pair of tongs for a left hand. […]