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February 2014

The Dark is a quarterly magazine co-edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace, with the third issue featuring all-original short fiction by Helena Bell, Steve Berman, Douglas Smith, and Benjanun Sriduangkaew.

In This Issue

Dream Flight

A crystal shadow soared unnoticed over steel-glass city cliffs, flickering through visibility in a summer sun. As it passed the towers, a tremor rippled its length, breaking the rhythm of great wings. The change had begun. Fear rising, it scanned rooftops for the nearest landing spot then swerved toward a building marked by a white […]


Worse Than Alligators

Later, Jameson wished he would remember that night for the twenty minutes spent arm-in-arm with Eddie, walking Grubb through the neighborhood. Those minutes had everything: chill, autumn air that captured their breath in little puffs; the warmth of a boyfriend pressing against you, sometimes bumping into you when one of you misjudged your next step; […]


Zeraquesh in Absentia

In the city of Zeraquesh, each shadow is the shape of candlelight held still. A citizen leaving the comfort of roof and walls can expect to attract several hauntings at every corner turned. Such ghosts may be shed only under the light of anglerfish refracted through a prism. Most households keep at least one about. […]



Molecular biologists have added genes to A. aegypti that block the development of flight muscles in female mosquitoes. The females—the biters—don’t survive long. When they emerge from the pupal stage, they sit motionless on the water. They won’t fly, mate, or spread disease.—Bijal P. Trivedi, Scientific American I. Nothing on the island was wasted, not […]