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December 2013

The Dark is a quarterly magazine co-edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace, with the second issue featuring all-original short fiction by Willow Fagan, Amanda E. Forrest, Sarah Singleton, and E. Catherine Tobler.

In This Issue

Our Lady of Ruins

A winter forest: dark stripes of trees against the snow, and the girl’s red coat. He followed her, away from the glistening road and inert car. She moved through the black and white, folding herself into the trees. He was two hours’ drive from the city. The car had died in the narrow corridor of […]


The Nameless Saint

They all think that she is a cat lady: harmlessly crazy, smelly, alone. They have no idea that her house is full of cages, that she is a modern-day saint. They have no idea that she has sold her names for them, for the power to help them. Her names: her Christian name, her maiden […]


Wrought Out From Within Upon the Flesh

Cassandra coils within the glass confines of the jar, pale eyes staring at those who roam beyond. They in their suits and day dresses; they who dare to stare at her. She is beautiful, beyond compare. She knows this in a way they do not, but in a way they will come to understand. She […]


Five Boys Went to War

On Fridays, the baker left stale loaves in a steel drum out behind the kitchen. For the pigeons and the poor, a charity and a celebration. The Allies had won. Clara took two loaves. She paid three cents to the butcher for a half-pound of paper-wrapped castoffs: entrails, snout, and ears. Clara asked that the […]